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Watch: The Power of Astrology Interview with Benjamin Haynes

Watch: The Power of Astrology to discover how astrology can help you understand yourself and the world around you better.

Saturn Returns: The Three Distinct Chapters in Life

According to ancient astrological lore, life is measured in 3 distinct chapters. The first 30 year chapter is essentially childhood - we are learning about the world and our place in it. This chapter is a defining one as the way we learn to see the world, is the world...

The Gift of Winter

The Gift of Winter – winter is a time to go inside

Bare Feet on the Grass: A Simple Way to Reduce Inflammation

Bare feet, green grass. If you’re struggling with inflammation in your body, this is the simplest way to draw out excess heat from your system.

The Stone of Storms – Pietersite

The Stone of Storms – Pietersite

Pietersite – also known as the tempest stone or ‘stone of storms’ can be utilised during times of turbulence in your life.

By introducing this crystal into your auric field by way of jewellery (or placing some in your pocket) you invite its vibration into yourself and begin to benefit from the energies it represents.

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