Bare Feet on the Grass: A Simple Way to Reduce Inflammation

Bare Feet on the Grass
April 30, 2023

Walking Bare feet, green grass. If you’re struggling with inflammation in your body, this is the simplest way to ground yourself and draw out excess heat from your system.

Walking barefoot on the grass connects us to the calming security of the earth and stimulates almost an immediate action to get rid of inflammation. And When inflammation is reduced, oxygenated blood flows more freely and efficiently which helps you heal faster.

According to Ayurveda, this process is super charged by the presence of dew on the grass, especially close to a full moon when the dew takes on extra cooling potency from the increased lunar energy at that time.

If you’re wondering why there’s so much appeal to this simple joy, it’s simply because so much of the old ways feel right to us intuitively. The challenge is that most of us are just too distracted to pay attention to the messages that are all around and within us!

Because inflammation can cause pain, many people find a soothing release of pain when walking bare foot on grass. Try it for yourself early in the morning to nourish your body with Prana energy and vitality. Your ancestors did 🌕 👣


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