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Astrology readings are a potent navigational tool for discovering your full potential. Your horoscope or astrological birth chart is a graphic picture of the positions of the heavenly bodies in the zodiac at the exact time and place of your birth. Your natal chart (birth chart) can be thought of as your spiritual blue print, and gives clues to understanding your character and destiny, potential relationships, important events in your life, natural strengths and areas of challenge. A personal astrology reading empowers us with an awareness of the natural flow of energies and cycles so that we can align our lives and choices towards greater harmony with the cosmos and ourselves.

Western Astrology

According to Western Astrological thought, character is destiny. Steeped as we are in the use of free will – where a person may do what they will with what they were born with – the Western system of Astrology has evolved to excel in delineating character disposition, talents, abilities and what path should be taken in order to learn specific lessons that further one’s evolution. Rather contrary to what many Western people might think, Western astrology is actually rather more ’spiritual’ in nature, highlighting the ways in which a person may rise above, alter or change their circumstances, while the ancient Hindu (Vedic) system focusses more on the mundane events and circumstances in a persons life and future. A Western Astrological reading can create perspective on current circumstances, help guide emotions and thoughts while going through life events, and point the way to turning those events to furthering spiritual unfolding.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic or Hindu Astrology has it roots stretching back some 6,000 years to ancient India. It is fundamentally a predictive system that aims to foretell the events and circumstances of a person’s life. Unlike modern Western Astrology which is anchored in the notion of choice in the way we work with cosmic energies in order to influence outcomes, the Vedic Astrology system has ‘good and bad’ planets and placements that indicate favourable and unfavourable outcomes. The role of the Vedic Astrologer is to identify and weigh up the many positive and negative indications attached to a specific area of interest to arrive at a likely outcome. Whilst some consideration and discussion is given to personality, personal strengths and weaknesses revealed in the birth chart, much of a Vedic session is geared towards helping a person to understand their present circumstances, upcoming cycles that will impact the life and where this energy is likely to be felt, timings for key events, and remedial measures such as the use of gem stones and mantras that can be utilised to help balance cosmic energies so that they work most beneficially to the individual.
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