Astrology Reading – Western

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$180.00 75 minutes

Available via Zoom only

The time, date and place of your birth are the unique coordinates of a map that you can use throughout your life for guidance and insight.


Available via Zoom only

In the hands of a competent Astrologer, it is the Golden Key that can shine a light on your greatest gifts and challenges, providing context for the dynamics that play out in your life and relationships. For those interested in understanding yourself, your life purpose, your future, a particular situation, or how to improve relationships with your partner, child or other significant person, there is no better tool than a personal astrology reading.

2 reviews for Astrology Reading – Western

  1. Gillian Bertram (verified owner)

    Amazing! Absolutely spot on… gosh I wish I had taken the time earlier in my life to listen more carefully to astrology, and of course Benjamin has such a great communication style, that I understood totally.I know I have abit of sorting through to do now, so looking forward and trusting the process, really pleased I can continue working with you Ben, even though I am currently back in the homeland! And thanks for the awesome massage s!!

  2. anonymous

    What a gift! I had my first chart reading with Benjamin three years ago. I went along with curiosity, nervousness and, if I’m honest, a degree of scepticism. I emerged 60 minutes later feeling more understood than perhaps at any other point in my life. It felt like someone was inside my head putting words to my characteristics, and deeper feelings . It was inspiring, validating and I think reassuring. Needless to say, that 1st session inspired me to go deeper and deeper into the detail of my own birth chart to help me understand myself better and navigate the ups and downs and twists and turns of this game we call ‘life’.

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