Ayurvedic Treatment & Health Consultation

Ayurveda is a system of natural healing that has it’s roots in ancient India. Ayurvedic practitioners take a holistic view of health and understand that mental health and emotional wellness have a major impact on our physical vitality and wellbeing and practice ayurvedic treatment accordingly. Ayurvedic Medicine is very effective at managing chronic health conditions, as well as helping with many common ailments including anxiety, weight loss, fatigue, gut health, and sleep issues. Ayurveda is based on a 5 element model (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Space) and seeks to restore or maintain your unique balance of these elements through diet, herbal medicines, lifestyle adjustments, Ayurvedic massage and more. A personal Ayurvedic consultation can help to restore you to full health, and teach you how to maintain it.

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If you are suffering symptoms of poor health, or you know you have a condition that restricts your optimal wellbeing, an ayurvedic consultation can diagnose where you are out-of-balance, and offer advice and treatment designed to bring you back to rejuvenated health.

Book in for a personal consultation and discover your unique mind/body constitution – the key to maintaining or restoring good health. Links to our one-on-one first consult and follow up appointments have been provided below. Book your’s today!

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