Astrology Reading – Vedic

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$180.00 75 minutes

The time, date and place of your birth are the unique coordinates of a map that you can use throughout your life for guidance and insight.


In the hands of a competent Astrologer, it is the Golden Key that can shine a light on your greatest gifts and challenges, providing context for the dynamics that play out in your life and relationships. For those interested in understanding yourself, your life purpose, your future, a particular situation, or how to improve relationships with your partner, child or other significant person, there is no better tool than a personal astrology reading.

2 reviews for Astrology Reading – Vedic

  1. Chantelle (verified owner)

    I had my Vedic chart read with Yatin and as some one who is into esoteric arts myself, I found this vedic astrology reading with Yatin quite profound. He was not only thorough with his reading, he was able to pin point exact dates that are of significance in my life. Yatin has a warm and healing nature when speaking with him, he is brilliant, extremely knowledgeable, patient and was happy to answer all of my questions. Yatin also read my palms and tarot which were also extremely guiding and resonated. I had a world of clarity from this session with Yatin and left feeling my energy was radiating at such a high vibration.

    Yatin deserves all the blessings for his work and his knowledge on Vedic esotericism. He is someone I highly regard as a person and have already recommended to quite a few people.

    Yatin, blessings to you my friend. I hope we keep in contact and I hope to see you in the future for further consults. I would absolutely love to learn from you also. You are an exceptional human being.



  2. Nichole

    Yatin is extremely gifted. He did a thorough job with my reading and was able to pin point very specific events and things about me. I left the reading feeling very empowered and hopeful about the future. Thank you so much Yatin, blessings to you xx

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