Watch: The Power of Astrology Interview with Benjamin Haynes

June 29, 2021
astrology and life

‘Understanding ourselves is by far the most potent gift of astrology. If we understand ourselves, then we are in much greater command and control of our responses as they happen.’

In this episode of The Finding EQUILIBRIUM Show, Benjamin Haynes shares his deep passion, talent and expertise in using astrology as a gift to understand ourselves and the world around us. If you’re searching for meaning and guidance to navigate your life, then astrology could offer some clarity and answers. Each of us has a unique birth or natal chart and by having your birth chart read, you’ll be able to better understand your personal strengths as the natal chart is ‘the blueprint of a person’. You’ll also gain an understanding on pending challenges so that you can prepare, and emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side. Astrology is a true gift that we all have access to and a reading with a talented astrologer can be uplifting, validating and insightful.


Learn how astrology can provide:

  • deep insights into your life’s purpose and soul’s journey
  • an understanding of the dynamics of what’s happening at any point in time
  • a greater awareness of your personal strengths and ‘super powers’
  • clarity on which aspect of your life is experiencing transformation: relationships, money, work, family etc
  • the opportunity to prepare psychologically and emotionally for challenges that may lie ahead
  • reassurance and insights on when and how current challenges will pass
  • guidance on how you can elevate every aspect of your life

Discover your soul’s journey
with an astrology reading

Book a Natal and Forecast chart reading with Benjamin or another member of the Medicine Man Astrological team.


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