The Stone of Storms – Pietersite

April 8, 2023

Pietersite – also known as the tempest stone or ‘stone of storms’ can be utilised during times of turbulence in your life.

By introducing this crystal into your auric field by way of jewellery (or placing some in your pocket) you invite its vibration into yourself and begin to benefit from the energies it represents.

Pietersite is a shamanic stone that helps during times of transition from one reality to another. This usually occurs when we experience endings/beginnings in our work, relationships, or living conditions. Wearing pietersite during these times of stress can help you to navigate the storms of change taking place in your world.

It is a highly spiritual stone that enhances intuition, aids in speaking your truth, and strengthens will power. It balances the endocrine system (hormones), improves absorption of nutrients and removes stubborn blockages.

A truly valuable crystal ally for those fortunate enough to come across it on their earth journey 👣


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