Astrology Answers: The Magic of Virgo

The Power of Virgo
September 8, 2022

For so long Virgo has been confined to the ‘perfectionist’ and the ‘critic’ but it’s so much more than just that.

Virgo and its mythology is deeply anchored in themes of fertility, power and sensuality. The story most commonly associated with Virgo comes from Greek origins where Persephone the daughter of fertility Goddess Demeter was taken by Hades (Pluto) into the underworld where she was initiated into her own power. This story references the innate power contained within this sign when it reaches its full expression. In more ancient times Virgo was associated with Isis – the Goddess that searched the world to find the parts of her slain husband Osiris in order to resurrect him from the dead, which she succeeded in doing – testimony to the powerful healing capabilities possessed by this sign.

Mercury – the ruler of Virgo, rules Gemini by day and Virgo by night – hinting at the secret, hidden depths of knowledge contained within this sign – and those born under it. But how do we access it?

If we look at the sigils for Virgo and Scorpio we see they are almost identical, drawing our awareness to the fact that these two signs have much in common – and much to teach each other. While the glyph for Scorpio points outwards – reminding those under this sign to come up from the underworld of their personal psyches to participate in the manifest world more openly, the Virgo glyph turns in upon itself – a calling to Virgo’s to go within and explore the deep, dark corners of themselves. Only by delving into the primal, unacceptable, shameful, disowned shadow aspects of themselves can Virgo transform these things that hold them back from the complete and fulfilling expression of their true selves that they crave.

Many modern Astrologers are calling for Chiron – the healer – to be given rulership over Virgo in keeping with the Virgo desire to help and to heal others. This desire for being of service to others is a great gift when in balance – but for those with Virgo strong in their charts, be sure that this is not a convenient way to avoid the dark and difficult road of exploring your own shadow self.

Affinities with Virgo: Paris (yes, cities have star signs too!); Tarot card The Hermit; Herb Lavender, Colours dark blue, brown and green; Gem stone Peridot

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