Read: Connecting to the Spirit of Trees

Connecting to the Spirit of the Trees
January 31, 2021

Have you ever put your arms around a tree hoping to feel some energetic connection, only to be disappointed by the lack of tangible energy exchange?

If so, you’re likely missing the most important ingredient in this ritual. Trees respond not so much to our physical touch but to our emotional energy.

If you have ever felt inclined to hug a particular tree, chances are it struck you from a distance. You noticed the size or shape or beauty of that particular tree and decided to hug it.

But often when we put our arms around the tree we focus on the physical connection rather than the initial emotional appreciation that we felt in the first place. It’s your emotional appreciation of the tree that connects you to it’s spirit and essence more than your physical touch – and it is this emotional outpouring that the tree recognizes and responds to.

Try it next time and feel the difference


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