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December 14, 2020

Everything we swallow has to be scanned by the liver.

Is is the liver’s job to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract before it is distributed to the rest of the body.

❌The combination of a diet filled with chemicals and the overuse of pharmaceuticals has created enormous toxicity and overburdened our livers.

❌When the liver is overwhelmed with acid toxins, it will eventually overheat. This overheating becomes a major source of inflammation, and because the liver makes blood from the food we eat, our blood starts to overheat as well. As this ‘hot blood’ circulates, the entire body can suffer the consequences of this heat. Common symptoms of excess heat include painful joints, red swellings, skin rashes, high blood pressure, headaches, quick temper, bleeding.

❌In this way, liver toxicity becomes a primary source of chronic inflammation, which creates the foundation for many diseases.

✅ Good liver cooling herbs: 🌿 Bhumi amalaki 🌿 Guduchi🌿 Manjishta

✅Good foods for cooling:🥒 Cucumber🥥 Coconut🌱Coriander

✅Good activities for cooling:👃 Left nostril breathing🌖 Gazing at the moon

🦶 Standing barefoot on ground, particularly green grass- especially if you’re up early enough and the morning dew is still on it! ⚡️💧 .


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