In search of the beyul

In search of the beyul
May 27, 2021

According to ancient Tibetan lore, there exist in the world special places where the spiritual realm and the physical realm overlap. These most sacred places are known as ‘beyul’ meaning ‘secret or hidden lands’.

The first scrolls describing the secret coordinates of these places were discovered in 1366 when a wild-haired Tibetan yogi who had spent years meditating in mountain caves received a vision that led him to their hiding place, where he dug them out of the earth.

These cryptic texts contained accounts of remote Himalayan valleys where plants and animals have special powers, where ageing is halted, and enlightenment can be quickly attained. These are not just imaginary realms, but places here on earth. It is said that only those with the karma to do so can enter the depths of the hidden-lands, which are not only hidden by their extreme remoteness but remain sealed from the outer world by towering mountains, dense jungles and glacier covered passes. Over the centuries, many lamas and Tibetans have sold all of their possessions to go off in search of these fabled lands – some died trying to find them, others never returned.

But a few souls, including a Tantric yogi by the name of Lhatsun Namkha Jikme or ‘Fearless Sky’ crossed the Himalayas from Tibet guided by a ‘dikini’ or female spirit in the form of a white vulture in search of the door to one of the beyul’s innermost realm and returned many weeks later, wild eyed and with an extraordinary account of his time in one of the beyul, a celestial realm on earth 🏔


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