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Bay Leaf Magic
January 12, 2021

Bay leaf is a powerful herb useful for manifestation, prosperity, protection, cleansing, and even psychic development. The ancient priestesses of Apollo chewed bay leaves to induce a prophetic state and inhaled the burning fumes of Bay for this purpose also.

You can use this easily available herb to bring more magic into your life and to begin consciously participating in creating the life you want.

Of course burning or wishing on bay is not enough in and of itself to create dramatic change in your world, but combined with conscious intention and action it will create a powerful current of energy directed by you towards a specific outcome.

* To manifest a wish, take a large dried bay leaf (available in the dry herb section of any supermarket) and write upon it in pen what you would like to manifest: financial abundance, new work opportunities, a fulfilling social life, an exciting love affair etc. Once you have written what you want, hold the bay leaf in your hand and take a moment to focus on feeling what it is you would like to manifest. Visualise it in your mind and begin to feel it as though it is already happening to you. Allow the feeling to build inside you, to begin to overwhelm you – and then send that energy down your arm and into the bay leaf itself. Take as long as you need. When you feel ready, carefully set fire to the bay leaf to release the energy and your intention. Watch the burning smoke carry your wish out into the universe.
Note – this process can be done at any time, but it is especially powerful to perform this ritual on a new moon.

* To increase your psychic gifts, try sleeping with a bay leaf under your pillow at night. This will work to heighten your psychic senses (Clairvoyance etc), as well as promote vivid dreams, dream recall, and increase your connection to the astral plane helping to facilitate astral travel.

* Protect and cleanse your space by burning bay leaf (this makes a good addition to sage) and/or placing a leaf or two near your doors or windows to ward off unwanted people or negative energy.

Ruling planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Gender: Masculine


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