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April 19, 2021

The dictionary defines resilience as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

From a psychological perspective this definition expands to include the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. 

Further, it states that Resilience exists when a person uses “mental processes and behaviors in promoting personal assets and protecting self from the potential negative effects of stressors”. Wikipedia

As a professional Astrologer I would argue that there are few, if any, more potent tools available to us in regards to resilience than the practice of Astrology. A big call? Perhaps,  but I have seen the power of astrology time and time again help everyday people going through some of the most intense of human experiences, and also to heal and recover from traumatic ordeals in their past. 

So how can the movement and placement of the stars above in any way help us to bounce back faster from difficulties or employ better mental processes to cope with and recover from crisis?

Here are 6 ways that astrology – when in the hands of a competent astrologer – can be a powerful ally throughout your life: 

  1. You can see difficult times coming (and be better prepared) – forewarned is forearmed according to the popular saying, and the astrological tools of the trade for identifying challenging times are known as Transits (where the planets are placed in the sky right now and then compared to your birth chart to see where and how they will impact your personally) and Progressions (a curious technique that shows the step by step internal journey and development of an individual over time). 

Being aware of the potential for stormy times ahead can certainly help to reduce the level of shock surrounding a crisis period. It can also help you to prepare for an upcoming period of restricted income for example by tightening your belt in the months leading up to it, or simply to strengthen your physical and psychological defences ahead of time to help you weather the upcoming storm. 

  1. You can see how long a particular challenge will last and where you are now within that timeline – Challenge and change are inevitable in life and in fact they are necessary in order for us to reach our potential by moving beyond the known and familiar. On some level we all know that growth is usually just outside our comfort zone – what we often don’t know however, is how long a difficult period or process will last. In the midst of trying times or strong opposition it can be tempting to give up, to concede or check out – perhaps just before the breakthrough comes! How helpful then to know when the breakthrough is likely to arrive or the pressure to dissipate.  Astrology is essentially the study of cycles and ‘orbs of influence’. It can show you when a particular pattern begins and ends, allowing you to marshal your reserves when needed and to set the pace for a particular chapter in your life journey.  
  1. You can see which aspect of your life will be impacted (and what type of energy you will be confronted with) – Knowing that a crisis period or challenge is coming is one thing, but knowing which aspect of your life is going to be impacted (work, relationship, family, finances etc) is something else entirely. It allows us to prepare and respond to dynamics around us in a considered way, rather than just reacting on instinct alone, which can often by coloured by fear. But more than this, it allows us to understand the nature of the energy that is at work in our lives, allowing us to align ourselves with it in order to join the flow with more grace. 
  1. You can consciously understand the nature of the underlying dynamics taking place and between the people involved – The universal archetypes of zodiac signs and planets are likely to be embodied and played out by the people around you. By understanding which archetype each of the people involved in a particular situation is reflecting, enables you to better understand their perspective and communicate with them in a way that is adapted to that particular character. More broadly, by understanding which energetic signature is influencing a particular aspect of your life, you can adapt accordingly in order to create greater harmony – or mount a more tailored defence.   
  1. You can know what your personal strengths are and how these might be employed or adapted to improve conditions – your personal birth chart describes your innate blueprint as an individual. It highlights your natural strengths (and weaknesses) which can be utilised during times of struggle as sources of strength and power. It can also be used to illuminate what you need to feel nurtured and secure – things that can be implemented to help maintain or regain your equilibrium.  
  1. You can understand what is required of you to better manage the situation – the expression ‘a bull in a china shop’ does much to help us understand the impact of the wrong mode of behaviour in a particular setting or situation! Gaining an understanding of the dynamics in operation at a particular time means we can employ the most suitable strategy to prosper. Is this a time for surrender, discipline, patience, action, faith? Ask your astrologer! 

If you would like to explore your own birth chart as a tool for resilience, you will need three things: the date, location and time of your birth. 

An accurate birth time is crucial – check your birth certificate or baby album, call the hospital where you were born, triangulate the time that your mum thinks it might have been with older siblings, an aunty or your dad! Remember, the more accurate the time of birth, the more accurate the chart. 


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