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Netra Basti Treatment

$120.00 60 minutes

Netra basti is a unique Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes.


It involves the creation of a small dough ‘well’ that is placed around the eyes and secured to be water tight. Warm ghee is then gently introduced into the well to soothe the eyes, help with eyestrain, address dry or running eyes and improve eyesight! A cosmetic benefit is also noticeable as the delicate eye area is infused with deep hydration.

It is a highly nourishing treatment for the eyes and the entire nervous system via the special connection that exists between the two in Ayurveda. There is no discomfort and you will be encouraged to open and close the eyes periodically to help the ghee lubricate the eyes. Following the treatment, the ghee and dough well will be removed and the area cleansed with cooling rose water. A warm medicinal tea will be offered to you after a brief period of rest to complete the treatment.
Note: please remember to bring sun glasses with you to treatment – the eyes will be sensitive to sun afterwards as there will still be a film of ghee in the eyes when you leave.


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