Ayurvedic (Abhyanga) massage packages

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Ayurvedic massage or ‘abhyanga’ is a full body, warm oil massage that uses the skin as a vehicle for delivering medicated herbal oils to the body. In addition to the techniques described below, a treatment with Benjamin also includes an energetic rebalancing or reset that releases blocked energy and emotional traumas, helps the chakras to function optimally, and restores the correct flow of energy throughout your body.


Therapeutic strokes are designed to release tension from the muscles and fascia, whilst simultaneously redirecting toxins and impurities back to the digestive system for elimination. Special energy points in the body known as ‘marmas’ can also be incorporated for additional therapeutic benefit. This style of massage incorporates both sides of the body, and finishes with an invigorating head massage, leaving you both relaxed and alert.

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Benjamin, Lorenzo


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Abhyanga massage duration

60 minutes, 90 minutes


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