Are you a recently qualified practitioner ready to begin working, but not in a position to outlay the thousands of dollars needed to set up a full herbal dispensary?

We can help!

Our affiliate practitioner program allows you to start treating clients right away and earn a % of every transaction we fulfil on your behalf.

Sound good? Read on.

How does it work?

To be eligible, you must have an Australia recognised qualification (proof required)
Register on our website as an affiliate practitioner
Once approved, we will enter you into our system as an employee so that we can track all transactions that come through you and create a record of your sales
As you begin treating clients, you simply order products and/or bespoke formulas from the dedicated practitioner section of our website, via email, or over the phone
We will mix your formulas for you, package up your products and prescriptions, and send them to you or your client directly.
At the end of each quarter, we will reconcile all orders that have come through you and make an online transfer to the value of 20% of the total value of your orders.

Click here to get started (link to the online registration form).

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