The 21 Day Ayurvedic Detox Programme


Are you feeling bloated, lethargic, having trouble sleeping, experiencing brain fog or just looking to experience vibrant good health? We can help!

Over 100 Symptoms are linked to the physical and emotional stress caused by toxins.

Join Benjamin and Eleni for this live, virtual 21 Day Ayurvedic Detox programme to detox your body gently, and learn how to look after your unique body for sustainable success.



Live Detox Dates

This live 3-week Seasonal Detox runs three times a year via live video calls, daily group chats, seasonal recipes, dosha specific food plans and access to your Digital Launch Pad to answer your questions and energise you all the way!

  • Transform your body and mind!
  • Start together and end together
  • Get the information you need
  • Download your recipes
  • Order your Detox Kit
  • Connect with new friends

Change your life within 3 weeks

Are you feeling bloated, lethargic, having trouble sleeping, experiencing brain fog or just looking to experience vibrant good health? We can help!

Over 100 Symptoms are linked to the physical and emotional stress caused by toxins.

Join Benjamin and Eleni’s 3 week live Ayurvedic Cleanse Program to cleanse your body and mind, and experience a whole new level of clarity and energy.

Why join the Cleanse programme?
  • Feel great – experience increased energy levels, improved digestion, more vitality, improved sleep quality and supercharged immunity  within just 3 weeks!
  • Look great – detoxify your body to lose weight, regain sparkling clear eyes, glowing skin and more
  • Think clearly – cleansing can lead to improved mental clarity, reduced levels of brain fog,  mental stress and anxiety
  • Gain food confidence – discover the Ayurvedic approach to food that is tailored to you personally allowing you manage your weight effortlessly. You will never need to think about dieting again!  Covers the what, when and how
  • Convenient – access a wide range of personalised tasty, seasonal, easy and quick recipes to prepare and enjoy whilst on the program – and beyond
  • Discover a new system of health – learn a timeless, practical and sustainable new system of health that will empower you to take charge of your own health and wellbeing
  • Tailored – get to know yourself better and learn to eat and live within the natural circadian rhythms
  • 100% Natural – eliminate toxicity in your body and free up your natural energy without the use of harmful drugs or dangerous practices
  • Expert support – access expert ayurvedic support on your journey to better health who are here to help and guide you every step of the way
  • Community connection – make new friends and share your experiences as we journey together
What’s included?
  • Discover your Dosha – your unique body/mind type and the foods and practices that will help you stay balanced and healthy for life
  • Three live 2-hour Masterclasses where you will learn about
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition and how this differs from other diets
  • The Ayurvedic secrets of Digestion and why ‘how’ you eat is as important as what you eat when it comes to maintaining your health and weight
  • Detox protocols – the what, when, why and how of keeping your body and mind in tip top shape
  • Access to our custom built digital launch pad providing easy access to recipes, educational videos, detox resources, details of herbs, and step by step guidelines
  • 3 weeks of live, personal detox guidance – dedicated weekly ‘Office Hours’ to get your burning questions answered
  • 21 days of fresh, seasonal, dosha specific recipes and shopping lists
  • Access to a closed, private Facebook Group where you can connect with other members and receive or provide support for each other
  • End of Programme celebration event – in person and online
  • Added extras available for those looking to take their journey further:
    • Daily live online yoga classes
    • One to one consults with Eleni or Benjamin
    • Body work treatments for those based in Sydney
The Work – to get the best results, you’ll need to:
    • Commit to 21 days of transformation
    • Make space in your life to try something new – we’ve made it easy and as family friendly as possible for those with others in the household
    • Order the Detox Kit [insert link]
    • Eliminate caffeine, alcohol, sugar, white flour and processed foods – don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of tasty recipes for you and you won’t go hungry!
    • Eat for your dosha everyday for 21 days – you can discover your dosha via our online dosha Quiz here
    • Replace a certain number of meals with ‘cleanse meals’ each week (all recipes provided and prep time is generally under 20 mins)
    • Attend each of the Masterclasses – we recommend attending live, but they will be recorded for those that can’t make it
    • Take the herbal formulas each day from your Detox Kit
    • Perform the daily routines – tongue scraping, body oiling, digital detox after 9pm. Note – tongue scrapers and body oils included in Detox Kit
    • Do the journaling – we’ll provide you with a template to record your thoughts and feelings as you progress on your cleanse journey
    • Practice yoga daily  (optional extra)

What happens if you don’t detox:

Decades of scientific research has shown that there are over 100 symptoms linked to stress and cellular toxins, including:
High anxiety, Low energy, Sluggish metabolism and weight gain, Bowel Issues, Inability to  concentrate, Diabetes, Food Cravings, Migraines, Low Sex Drive, and many more!
Sound familiar? If so, now is the time to reset your system!
Here’s how it works?
Detoxing alone is tough…food cravings, withdrawals, mood swings and more, that’s why we’ve created this live three week group cleanse! We’ll start together and finish together, supporting each other along the way.

Here’s how it works

As soon as you register, you will automatically be redirected to our Digital Launch Pad where you will see your welcome video, program overview and everything you need to get started. This is your Cleanse Programme ‘Home’ page and the pathway to all of the information you need including information on your dosha, how to order your Detox Kit, access your journal templates, detox resources and more.


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